Based in Vancouver, BC, Blüm & Grow is a boutique agency principled by MaryBeth who has offered creative direction, design, marketing consulting, and professional photography to clients in the cannabis industry since 2014. 

Some of our 2018 clients include: NextLeaf (marketing consulting), Her(B) Life (creative, editorial, photography), Flower & Freedom (marketing and photography), and Miss Envy Botanicals (photography). 

Blüm & Grow founder MaryBeth. 

Blüm & Grow founder MaryBeth. 

I love the multi-faceted nature of this industry. In one week I might be shooting a product or lifestyle photography campaign, helping a client plan and perfect a winning pitch deck, collaborating on a cannabis event, and creative directing a magazine editorial campaign.
— MaryBeth


With a special affinity for the printed medium, MaryBeth's work (ranging from editorial and design to concepts and photography) has appeared in over 12 magazines, some of which noted here. 


Her(B) Life - July 2018. Provided full editorial, creative direction, design and photography. 

Lift Magazine - Spring 2017. Editorial, creative direction and photography. 

The Georgia Straight - 2017, Flower & Freedom content series (photography and editorial support.) 

DOPE Magazine - Summer 2017. Feature photo, "The Dopest People" cover feature.


Lift Magazine - Fall 2016. Cover and feature story photography, "Sisterhood of the Cannabis Industry."

Skunk Magazine - 2016. Photography, "Women in Weed 2016." 

Emerald Magazine - Summer 2016, "Expert Joint's Editorial" (photography)

Twelve High Chicks Magazine - Spring 2016. Editorial, creative direction, design, and photography. 


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